At its core, Web ViewPoint Enterprise was designed to be a browser based (Edge, IE 11, Firefox, and Chrome are supported) tool to monitor and query posted Events from HPE NonStop’s EMS (Event Management Subsystem).  This later expanded to offer:

  • System Performance monitoring
  • Alert & notification subsystem
  • Failure recover logic
  • Storage management & interface
  • Spooler interface

This version also offers connection to a Cloud subsystem (if user chooses to activate) which can maintain a lifelong history of system performance data.  This can be used for a variety of purposes such as:

  • Behavior analyses
  • Problem avoidance
  • Quick problem resolutions if/when they occur
  • Capacity planning
  • Application monitoring & chargeback
  • System trend and availability reports
  • Deep analyses

In a simplified format, these topics and usage of Web ViewPoint Enterprise is described in the following sections.

Web ViewPoint Enterprise is manufactured by Idelji Corporation and marketed & supported by HPE.  For support contact HPE’s GNSC.  For more information, write 

What Is New?

The following is a summary of new features included in this release (HO1AAC-LO1AAD):

  • Added new entities to the alert monitoring feature, increasing the total monitorable resources from 48 to 60. Newly added alerts are listed below.
    • CPU:
      • PCB High Pin
      • PCB Low Pin
      • TLE
    • Pathway Server Class:
      • Max Process Count
      • Min Process Count
    • Expand:
      • Line Quality
      • Response Time
    • Netbatch:
      • State
    • Spooler:
      • State
  • Inclusion of Pathway
  • Enhanced the alerting module by:
    • Allowing wildcard in selection of Disks
    • Discarding duplicate EMS messages within a specific time frame
    • Suppressing specific events using a filter file
    • Providing ability to activate/deactivate alerts by entity type and/or group name
    • Providing ability to deactivate alerts for a specific time period.
    • Ability to
  • Improved overall product usability by making minor enhancements
  • Playback of 1-hour worth of performance data on your browser
  • Enhanced online monitor piece
    • Added CPU/IPU Memory and Process Memory to the Summary graphs
  • Improved the Admin-Threshold screen by introducing sliders to configure values.