To send alerts via email or text, Web ViewPoint Enterprise must connect to a mail server, also known as a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server. An SMTP server is a service that you can send outbound email messages to. It then relays the messages to whoever they’re addressed to. (It doesn’t handle incoming email.) To set up alerts, you must configure Web ViewPoint Enterprise to communicate with your SMTP mail server.

SMTP information you’ll need:

Many organizations already have an SMTP server in-house. Before you continue, ask your IT department if there is an SMTP server that you can use.

Here’s the SMTP server information that you need from your IT department:

  • The server address. This is often something like or, but other addresses are also possible.
  • A user name.
  • A password.

Some servers don’t require a user name or password because they are only meant for internal use.

You’ll also need to decide on a from address for the alerts that the server sends. When people receive an alert email from Web ViewPoint Enterprise , this is the name that’s on the from line of the message. Because alerts are simply informational, you generally don’t need to worry about who’s on the from line, so people use addresses like

After you get the SMTP server information from your IT department, you can follow the below steps to configure and setup alerts.

Step 1: Configure SMTP Server information

  1. Logon to Web ViewPoint Enterprise, navigate to Admin – Delivery section
  2. Enter the information that you received from your IT department.
  3. In the Mail from account box, enter the email address that you want all server emails to be sent from. For example, you might enter or
  4. Click Submit.

Step 2: Add Users and Phone Carriers

Users and Phone carriers need to be added prior to setting up the alerts. This will help specify which user you want to send the email or sms alerts to. Phone carrier is required only if you want to setup text/sms alerts (if you do not want to receive any text alerts you can skip the phone carriers section and go to Add Users section)

  1. a) Add Phone Carriers

In the Admin – Phone Carriers section, there is a list of pre-defined phone carriers present. If your phone carrier is not one of them you will need to add your carrier.

  1. Logon to Web ViewPoint, navigate to Admin – Phone Carriers section
  2. Click on Add button present on the top right corner
  3. Enter the information that you received from your IT department.
  4. Click Add.
  5. b)  Add Users
  6. Logon to Web ViewPoint Enterprise, navigate to Admin – Users section
  7. Click on Add button present on the top right corner
  8. Enter all the required information in the fields
  9. Click Save

Note: Phone number and phone carrier fields are optional if you do not want to setup a text alert. However, if you do want to setup a text alert, you will need to enter the phone number and the carrier information.

Step 3: Set up alerts

Go to the Admin – Alerts menu and click Add

Configure the alerts based on your requirements and click Save.