This is where you set a list of Events you want Web ViewPoint Plus to watch for, and issue alerts when they occur. You may set as many alert conditions as needed.

Summary list displays a list of previously defined Alerts. Click on any column heading to sort the list for that column. Click on Edit or Delete button, next to each Alert to edit its profile, or delete its definition.

Click on the Add button on the top right to add a new Alert profile. Following are the parameters to select:

  • On – Select weekdays and hours which this profile applies to. Default is 24*7.
  • Watch for Events from: Select Collector, Owner, and Subsystem. Collector is required. Other two are optional. NOTE: Users can add alerts for a maximum of 10 collectors.
  • Event type / Number: Select whether a specific event (#) need to be looked for, or any Event, or of a specific type (Critical Action).
  • Look for string: This is an extra condition. You are asking Web ViewPoint Plus to only alert when Events matching the above criteria also contain a string you type here, in its Text field. Use the “Case Sensitive” option as appropriate.
  • Forward to: Three choices:
    • Enterprise Manager via SNMP – Web ViewPoint Plus directs Events selected above to an Enterprise Manager tool (e.g. Tivoli) via SNMP traps. Information on where to send the SNMP trap must be specified via the Delivery section.
    • via JSON (Applicable only for Web ViewPoint Plus) – Web ViewPoint Plus directs Events selected above to an Enterprise Manager tool (e.g. Moog) via JSON data. Information on where to send the JSON must be specified via PARAM (PARAM JSON-ENTERPRISE NN.NN.NN.NN) in the STARTPLS file within WVP Plus subvolume.
    • Any one or more users via Email or text message to their cell phone. A list of users previously defined via the Users section will be displayed to select from. Choose from Email or text. Note that these options appear, only if all selected users have their email and phone # recorded in their profile.
  • Include: By default, Web ViewPoint Plus will include all EMS tokens associated with the Event, when it sends out the notification. Here you have the option of deselecting the base tokens and/or adding a specific string of text (perhaps instructions to recipients) which should go out with the notification.
  • Also: Here you can ask Web ViewPoint Plus to also take an action when this condition is noticed. You may ask it to Obey an Obey file, or Run a TACL macro. If so, select the option, and then select orderly from the volume to subvolume to file list to select the Obey or TACL macro file.

Reset puts all fields back to their default value. Click on Submit to add the new alert profile. Note: Click here for more information on how to setup and configure alerts.