This is where you may specify criteria for one or more “Applications” running on this Server.  Criteria you set here groups Processes matching your criteria, as being part of the application you name.  Remote Analyst then calculates and shows (online & reports) their usage of CPU resource.  This enables you to review their comparative CPU usage over time, growth of each application, and whether there are potentials for bottleneck.

Left side of the right panel shows a list of applications you had previously defined.

To add a new application, click on the Add Button above the list.

To copy configurations of one or more applications from one NonStop Server to another, click on the Copy Button, also above the list.

To select an application, click on its name on the list) first one is selected by default.  When selected, its criteria is listed on the right side.  Click on Delete or Edit Buttons next to each entry, as appropriate.

To add new criteria, click on the Add Button on the top right of the list.

On a new window, select available options are select a “Type” from the top bar.  Choices are:

  • Object file: Processes running a given program object file. You may use wildcards.
  • Process: Specific processes. You may use wildcards.
  • User ID: Processes owned by a specific user ( group.user ). No wildcard.
  • Home Terminal: Processes with a specific Home Terminal. No wildcard.
  • Priority: Processes running at a specific priority. No wildcard.
  • OSS Names: Processes running specific OSS program name objects. No wildcard.
  • Ancestor Program Name: Processes running with an Ancestor running a specific object file. No wildcard.

Set any of the conditions, and select whether these criteria be optional (OR), or required (AND), when added to other criteria of this application.  Check the “Add another” box to keep the window open, after you click the Save Button.