Application Review shows % CPU busy and rated Disk IO for all predefined applications.  Activity is summed for all processes belonging to each application.  Process to Application assignment is based on how the application was defined earlier.

Metrics are displayed per collected interval, at 24-hour scope, and hourly at weekly and monthly scopes.  Where applicable, you may switch between Peak or Average values, by clicking on the Button displayed next to the list box on either side.

Click on a CPU graph line for an application to see a list of Processes, and their CPU Busy, of that specific application for the time you clicked on.  As with other Process lists, you have click access to other relevant information.

Click on a Disk bar to see a history of that Disk’s IO activity over time.  For the specific time you selected (on click), a list of files on that Disk showing IO rates and number of processes of which had it open.  Click on a File name to see its history and openers at that time.  Click on the opener count to see a list of all processes which had that file opened, including those from the selected application.

See here on how to navigate the screen.