Business Application Manual (BAM) is a repository of customizable information about EMS messages on HPE NonStop Servers. BAM is the primary source of detailed descriptive information consulted by HPE Web ViewPoint Enterprise’s Event subsystem.
BAM uses a file similar to, but totally independent of Eventtx, which is consulted first by Web ViewPoint Enterprise. Messages need not be updated with new releases of Eventtx. Since this file is independent from Eventtx, any new release of Eventtx will leave BAM unaffected.
Furthermore, you may enter information into BAM about a NonStop Event, which is already present in Eventtx. This enables the company to enforce its own set of instructions for any subsystem messages, to overwrite those present in Eventtx.
BAM allows you to add and/or delete Owners, Subsystems, and Events. Information on how to do this is below.

  • Owners -Click on the plus (+) icon next to the Owner column header, this opens a pop-up with a text box to enter the name that you would like to give to the new owner. Click Save to complete or Save & New to add additional owner.
  • Subsystem – Click the plus (+) icon next to the Subsystem column header. This will open a pop-up with the current owner’s name and a textbox to enter the name that you would like to give to the new subsystem. Click Save to complete or Save & New to add additional owner.
  • Events –  Click the plus (+) icon, next to the Event column header, this will open a pop-up with a list of existing Owners and another list of their Subsystems. It will also have text boxes for Event Number, Cause, Effect, Recovery, and Detail. By default, the Increment Event # checkbox is enable, which means that the Event # field will be read-only and pre-populated with the next Event number in the selected Owner’s, selected Subsystem.

Using the BAMCOPY tool: BAMCOPY is a console utility to import BAM information from Version 4 SPR AAC and Version 4 AAD BAM database files (BAMO, BAMS, BAME) to the new BAM database (BAM and BAMD). To run this utility, set the following params and issue RUN BAMCOPY

PARAM SOURCE-SUBVOL <$volume.subvolme>

The utility reports the result of the import operation at the end.