Shows metrics for a set of Processes, for a selected interval.  The set is based on your prior selection.  For instance, if you click on a User ID, then the set includes processes running under that User ID (selected or all CPUs).  Similarly, you may click on a specific Priority, an IPU, or other hyperlinks on other screens to see the list of related Processes.

Following tools are available on the toolbar:

  • Duplicate icon, to duplicate the displayed Window. You may do this to enter different criteria, and view displayed information side by side on two separate windows.
  • Scanners – Open windows to scan Files, Processes, and Programs.  See Scanners on description of how each works.
  • Search, to change different date/time, or CPU, or all CPUs.

Next and Prev Button show matching Process list for the next or previous interval.

Number of Processes matching the criteria is displayed below the Prev Button.

Selection criteria is displayed below the Next Button.

The Table below, shows the following information per Process (where applicable):

  • Name: Process Name. Click on the name for a full history of that Process.
  • CPU/IPU: CPU (only if all CPUs are selected), and IPU where the Process was running. Click on IPU for a full list of Processes.
  • Busy%: % Process busy, at IPU level.
  • Mem(MB): Memory consumed by the process in MB.
  • Program: Object Program name of the Process. Click on Program name for a list of all Processes running that Program.
  • Priority: Priority of Process. Click on Priority value to see a list of all Processes running at that Priority.
  • S/T: Whether this Process was Static (S), or Dynamic (D).  A Dynamic Process is one which runs for less than the interval period.
  • Duration: In mm:ss, time which the Process was running.
  • Owner: Process Owner.