This is where you can set parameters to receive future capacity forecasts.  It is based on Application Profiles you define in Capacity Model

Select any profile from the list box, and set the following parameters:

  • Base model on: Select date and time (hours of day) period, weekdays, and CPUs, to use as a model. Remote Analyst looks back at the activity of these selected CPUs, on selected hours and weekdays of the selected date period.  This is then used as the basis for forecasting future activity.  It enables you to focus your forecast to specific business hours, days, and CPUs which matter for your business and selected Profile.
  • Assume: Remote Analyst uses its organic growth algorithms for future forecasts. However, you can overwrite that here, and specify what your expected future growth is.
  • Keep: Choose an upper threshold for CPU busy. Remote Analyst will highlight the day and hour, when future growth takes CPU busy above this value.  It will also recommend additional CPU resources to keep up with the demand, and will analyze what the expected usage will be with and without the additional CPUs.
  • Summarize: Choose whether you want to see analyses based on Average or Peak values.
  • Business Transaction: specify what percentage of transactions from the set Profile you expect to be from Profile/business.
  • Forecast at: Set whether Remote Analyst should present its findings at interval (as collected) or hourly resolution.

Click on Submit Button when ready.  Analyses will be emailed to you shortly thereafter.