Web ViewPoint Enterprise collects and displays performance data from HPE NonStop Servers every 5 seconds. This information is kept for 20 minutes in your browser’s memory.  Older data is cycled out, as new data comes in.  However, if your NonStop Server is licensed for Remote Analyst, then Remote Analyst modules on your NonStop can send all its performance data out to the cloud (internal to your cloud: Local Analyst, or on AWS: Remote Analyst), every 15 minutes.

This means that the information you may be missing on your browser memory (anything older than 20 minutes), is already in the cloud.  All you need to do, is to click on the cloud icon on the toolbar for any NonStop Server to access all historical data spanning years.  
If your Remote Analyst password is previously entered through Web ViewPoint Enterprise (see Admin- User), then you will securely and automatically be logged into Remote Analyst, and see activities of your system in full detail.  You then have access to all historical data RA maintains, and may use all its features (if an active license is in place.)