Following are the list of assigns and params used by objects TERMMAN and WASAP:

  • ASSIGN LICENSE-FILE, <filename>                               [WASAP]

This provides Web ViewPoint ASAP with the location of license file that contains the activation key. By default, the installation program makes this assign point to the ULICENSE file present in the Web ViewPoint subvolume (the ULICENSE file present in the Web ViewPoint subvolume serves as a key-store and can store activation keys of Web ViewPoint Shell as well as Web ViewPoint ASAP). This assign is mandatory and is automatically set during plugin installation. This goes in the WVPCONF file of Web ViewPoint.

  • PARAM WASAPENV-<Environment Name> <$Volume.Subvolume> [TERMMAN]

This is a mandatory param set by the installation program. There can be one or more of these depending on the number of environments there are. This goes in the STARTWVP file of Web ViewPoint, t is a runtime requirement for TERMMAN and shall not be removed from STARTWVP.