File Name Code RWEP Description
AADB 0 NNUU Alternate Key Sequenced file for the Event Acknowledge Database
ADB 0 NNUU Event Acknowledge Database
BAM 0 NUNU BAM Database for Event Information
BAMD 0 NUNU BAM Detail Database for Event Information
EVINFDB 0 NNUU Event Information Database used by Messaging System
EVTCOLL 0 NNUU Stores the specified collectors per Event Settings Profile
EVTPROFL 0 NNUU Stores the Event Settings Profile information for the Event Live and Query screens
EVTSEL 0 NNNU Stores specified subsys selection criteria per Event Settings profile
OWNERDB 0 NNUU Event Management Database containing user defined Owners
SSIDDB 0 NNUU SSID Name ID Map Database
TMPLDTL 0 NNUU Display Template detail Database
TMPLDTLA 0 NNUU Temp data file used to store tempalte info
TMPLMST 0 NNUU Display Template master Database
IPLIST 1500 NNUU File containing the neighbhorhood information
UCARRIER 1500 NNUU Phone carriers information repository
ULICENSE 1500 NNUU Web ViewPoint License repository
UMPBRINK 1500 NNUU Stores the threshold values
UMPFTPCF 1500 NNUU Stores the Remote Analyst FTP host information
UMPNOTFY 1500 NNUU Stores the user profile information.
UMPSKIND 1500 NNUU Stores the skins related information
UMPSRVRS 1500 NNUU Stores the SMTP and SNMP server information
UMPUSERD 1500 NNUU User information repository
USUBSRCB 1500 NNUU Stores the user profile information.