In order to map the Web ViewPoint Enterprise’s Subsystem ID to its Subsystem Name for generated EMS messages by Web ViewPoint Enterprise, the Web ViewPoint Enterprise EMS template file needs to be installed.

Click on EMS, to expose and access all available features, described below:

      • Template – A Template sets what you want to see on your Events screen, and how they should be displayed.  Here is where you define them.
      • BAM – Business Application Manual (BAM) is really an imaginative/quirky (you be the judge) name given to the ability to add detail (description, cause, effect, recovery) information about Events generated by your in-house applications. Here is when you define them.
      • Exceptions– Description of category of Events you absolutely do not want to be bothered with.
      • Skins – Choose font type & size, and color characteristics of how Events should be displayed; give it a name, and use it.  Your colleagues can create more, or use yours.