Required Hardware:
HPE NonStop Server
Non-dedicated Windows based PC(s) for browser based User Interface (recommended PC configuration defined below)

Minimum OS Release:
NonStop Kernel release;
H06.03 onward
J06.02 onward
L15.08 onward

Recommended PC hardware configuration for UI functions:
4GB RAM minimum
Dual-Core CPU class
CPU Speed 2.0GHz or faster
Microsoft Windows 7 & above (32bit and 64bit) is the primary OS platform used for most of the WVP testing

Required Software:

iTP WebServer

 NOTE: If iTP WebServer is not installed on your NonStop, Please download the ‘iTP SEcure WebServer System Administrator’s Guide’  from and follow the instructions provided in the user guide to install iTP WebServer.

Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer Ver. 11