In order to map the Web ViewPoint’s Subsystem ID to its Subsystem Name for generated EMS messages by Web ViewPoint, the Web ViewPoint EMS template file needs to be installed. This will cause the Web ViewPoint messages to show up as TANDEM.WVP instead of TANDEM.257

For installing the NonStop Web ViewPoint EMS templates, please follow the steps listed below.

  1. Logon to the system as SUPER.SUPER. Go to the Web ViewPoint installation Subvolume and run the following command
    • Run WVPTMPAK

The above command will extract the ZWVPTMPL file and place it in the current subvolume.

  1. Determine the volume where the installation subvolume ZINSAIDS is located.  This subvolume should have been placed on your system when you installed your last SUT-based products
  2. Enter the following command at the TACL prompt

Note: Where $VOL is the volume where the ZINSAIDS subvolume is located

  1. Volume to $SYSTEM.ZTEMPL.  This is the subvolume where the individual product templates are located.
  2. Move the new Web ViewPoint template file (ZWVPTMPL) from the sub volume where Web ViewPoint is installed.  For example, if you installed the Web ViewPoint software on $SYSTEM.ZWVP5, then enter the following command
  3. Determine the names and location of your current resident and non-resident template files using the following command
  4. Volume to the directory where the template files are located. For this example, assume they are located on $SYSTEM.SYS00
  5. Pick a pair of names for your new resident and non-resident template files.  Make sure files do not already exist with these names.  For our example, let us assume that the new names will be:
    • NewRes (for the new resident template)
    • NewNRes (for the new non-resident template)
  6. Enter the following command to create the new template files
  7. NewRes and NewNRes are created in your current subvolume, which we had set to $SYSTEM.SYS00 in step 7