There are five tabs:

  • Base – alter one or more attributes
  • CPU/Process – alter CPU and Process setting
  • Assigns – Alter ASSIGN(s)
  • Defines – Alter DEFINE(s)
  • Params – Alter PARAM(s)


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For Assigns, Defines, and Params, information is displayed in a grid/tab format.  You can edit items for each of these categories by clicking on their name (blue ribbon).


Click on the Add button (right of the panel) and enter values to add the new entries to the grid.  To remove items (use Set Like list box above the grid to retrieve and display current setting for a selected SERVER) off the grid. Delete button is present to the right of any row, click on Delete button to delete the newly added entry.

Once all changes are in place (you may alter many things at once, and edit multiple things on multiple tabs), click on Alter command.

Alter assumes that the selected SERVERs are in a STOPPED status and just issues the needed ALTER commands.