By default the alert values are already defined. Users can also modify the warning and critical level thresholds for performance statistics within the Admin Thresholds section.

When the threshold criteria is met, the Globe icon on the left panel, to see live Performance metrics on all your NonStop Servers will be highlighted with the highest alert condition (yellow: warning alert, or red: Major alert.).  The title bar for each NonStop uses color to point out alert conditions as well.  Color may be white: all is ok, yellow: warning alert, or red: Major alert.

On the right panel, each panel can be collapsed or expanded. The heading of each panel is color coded (white, yellow, or red) to represent alert conditions currently in place for the information it represents. It also shows the number of alerts for each pane. No color is displayed if there are no alerts.  

Bell icons (red/yellow) also show the number of alerts for each panel.  Click on a bell icon to see details.