This screen lists the phone carriers that have been already configured. The email address corresponds to the SMS mailbox address of the Phone carrier to which Web ViewPoint Enterprise will send SMS notifications. The user’s cell phone number along with the SMS mailbox address makes up the email address to which the notification will be sent to. The phone carrier will then deliver this message as a SMS to the user’s phone device.

The following functions can be performed:

Add Phone Carrier: Click on the ‘Add Carrier’ button. Populate the Carrier and Email Address fields and click on the ‘Add’ button. Please note that Email address is of the form ‘’.

Note: If the user would like to add a Phone carrier in the Web ViewPoint Enterprise database, check the ‘Add to master list’ text box and click on the submit button. An email with the Phone carriers details will be opened, please email it to and we will update the Phone carrier database within Web ViewPoint Enterprise.

Edit Phone Carrier: Click on the ‘Edit’ Phone Carrier to update. Update the email address and click on the ‘Update’ button.

Delete Phone Carrier: Click on the Delete button corresponding to the Phone Carrier in order to delete it.

Synchronize: This function can be performed if the Non-Stop host has connection to the Internet. The site will be queried for the phone carrier information and added to the local NonStop database.