Response Team list comprises of individuals (users who do not have NonStop user ids) who will receive emails or SMS messages in the event of an Alert being triggered. You can configure users without having to associate them with Nonstop user ids.

Configuring a User

To add a new user, navigate to the Admin – Response Team page and click on the Add button.

Following are the parameters to select then click Add when done:

  • Name: Enter the Name (e.g. John).
  • Email: Enter desired email, here the user will receive email alerts
  • Mobile #: Enter desired mobile #, here you will receive sms alerts
  • Phone Carrier: Click on the drop down and select from the available mobile carrier (Note: if desired carrier is not in the list you can add it via Admin – Phone Carriers section).
  • Status: Click to toggle user from Active to Inactive.
  • For: Add or remove NonStop Server access