May 15, 2019

This Window maintains an on-line live connection with a dedicated EMSLINK on the NonStop Server. This process checks EMS messages as they are generated to determine if they meet your selection criteria. You may stop this flow of messages at any time by clicking on the icon   on the upper right side of the screen. This changes the icon to   .You may click on this icon to restart the live stream of messages. A Live Window can hold up to 1000 EMS messages in the Events Monitor Window.
Information for each message occupies one row. Each row is organized as follows:

Token Dump icon  :
The information icon here is a link to a Window which displays more detailed information about this Event. This includes help text (description, cause, effect, & recovery methods), as well as a token dump. Clicking on the  icon for a corresponding event opens a pop up window and display the detailed information about the event. Users can use the ‘Forward’ and ‘Backward’ button to view the events details for all the events.

Acknowledgment :
This is a quick method to acknowledge a single Event. Clicking on this icon causes the corresponding event to get acknowledged. The display is updated to change the event color to green. Event acknowledgements are managed centrally and displays of other users will get updated automatically. By specifying the PARAM HIDEACKS YES in UGATCONF file, the display update can be changed to hide the acknowledged event. Consequently the event will also get hidden / not appear in the displays of other users. The user is also provided the option to specify up to a maximum of 255 characters worth of acknowledgement comments and information when acking the corresponding event. All types of events can be acknowledged.

Acknowledged icon :
Clicking on this icon will cause a popup window to appear that contains information on who acknowledged the event, the date/time of acknowledgement and any comments if present.

Selection checkbox  :
Clicking this check box alternatively selects or deselects critical, action & other events.

Once a selection is made, you may click on the acknowledgement icon    &   on the upper left toolbar to acknowledge & view the Event details for all selected messages.

Generation Time: 2017-03-09 17:50:00
It is the date and time the message was generated on the NonStop Server. This calculation is done on the NonStop Server where the message was generated.

Process ID: NSDEMO.$X9AT
It is the name/id of the process which generated the message.

Subsystem ID: TANDEM.257.0
It is the owner/subsystem for which the message is generated. It may be an internal hp NonStop subsystem or an in-house application, or third party vendor’s product.

Event #:000525
The Event number for this message associated with this subsystem.

Text: Meascol: Entity Type 7,
The text for this message associated with this subsystem.
The displayed information for all events may be sorted in either direction based on the value of any column. To do so, click on the column heading of a selected column. Sort direction (ascending or descending) switches when you click on the same column twice.

A summary bar at the top of the Window shows the total count of messages currently displayed for each of the three message type categories (Critical, Action, Others). These are all color coded and on clicking any of the category it will open a pop up window which displays events of only that particular category.

Export to Excel  : This opens an instance of Microsoft Excel and populates a spread sheet of a new ‘book’ with the results of the current Events Settings.

Export to PDF : A PDF file will be downloaded with the results of the current Events Settings.

BAM  : Opens a new window with BAM information in Read-only.

Displaying EMS Event help & Token Dump:

You may retrieve and display help text (where available) for a selected Event, along with a dump of all tokens included with the Event message.  The help text is retrieved from one of two databases on the host.  This contains information such as summary and detail description of the reported message.  Also included, is information on Cause of the Event, its Effect on the system or applications, and Recovery methods.
To display this information, simply click on the sequence number of the Event message.  Web ViewPoint Enterprise first searches its BAM (Business Application Manual) database for any available help text.
Next, HP’s Operator Messages Manual (file EVENTTX) is consulted, if there are no entries in the BAM database for the selected Event.  Any information found is displayed, in absence of BAM content.  Note that if BAM data is displayed, a link will also be present to give you access to the relevant content in the Operator Messages Manual as a secondary source of information.

Note that you can always display and access the Operator Message manual in its entirety by clicking on the icon on the upper right side of the screen.

Search Feature: 

Users can also search individuals columns. To search a single column, enter the search text in the desired column search field and it retrieves a list of matching records. To search multiple columns, Enter the search text in each of the desired column search fields and it retrieves a list of matching records.

To clear a column search, delete the text in the search field for the desired column. This returns results for any remaining column search criteria. Delete the text in all of the column search fields to return all records in the list.


To sort a column, click a column name to sort the list in ascending order. Click again to sort in reverse order. The current sort order is indicated by an arrow next to the column name (, up for ascending and down for descending). Only the primary sort  order is indicated.

Token Analyzer

Token Analyzer may be used to retrieve and perform analysis on all Tokens of a set of selected EMS Event messages.  You can retrieve the tokens for all selected Events specified within the Events Settings screen.

Click on the Display tile menu to expose the available features within it. Look for Template field and its pre-populated dropdown list Tkn Analyzer.

By default, the option Default is selected. You may choose to select ‘Tkn Analyzer’ option to retrieve the tokens for the selected criteria. Click on the submit button once your selections are made.

Event View screen will be displayed based on your settings with default tokens selected. This also retrieves from the NonStop Server, a list of all Tokens for the messages currently displayed on that screen.

The Tokens list can be viewed by clicking on the designated Token Analyzer icon on the top right corner of the Events View page. Selection controls give you the option of which tokens should be displayed and/or removed from the screen, on fly. Search box is also offered to search for a token within the list of all available tokens.

Note: All the selection, filter and analysis features available for regular Events viewing is also applicable when ‘Tkn Analyzer’ option is selected. 




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