Here is where you tell Remote Analyst about your business as it relates to this NonStop Server.  This information is used by Remote Analyst to set its forecasts, and also to determine exceptions at different hours/days.

The right panel has two segments, and a Threshold setting button:

  1. Top – Where you set (click on save to save your settings!):
    1. Workdays – Simply click on the days that are considered workdays for your business.
    2. Hours of the day where online business or batch activities take place. There are two rows, one for business and another for batch hours.  Simply click on each hour for a row to set for business or batch.  Those not clicked will be considered as “other”.
  2. Main/lower – Where you select from an annual calendar to set your expected exceptions. These are days which you expect abnormal activity based on the type of business you have (e.g. New Year, Christmas, a national holiday). For instance, depending on your type of business, a specific upcoming holiday may mean more (or less) business activities.  Simply click on that day of the calendar, and set your expectations.  Those already set are shown in red, if activity is set to increase, or yellow if lower activity is expected.

Set your expectations only for future dates.

Thresholds – This button is displayed below and to the left of the top grid.  Click to open a new window, showing the sensitivity level for each of the three daily periods of: Business, Batch, and Other.

Note that from its knowledge of past, Remote Analyst has certain expectation about how the Server should behave for different time periods and days.  It is expected to highlight, through the Dailies emails, periods of time where resource utilization varied significantly from what Remote Analyst had expected.  This is what defines an exception.  Here you define how sensitive Remote Analyst should be to variations from expected behavior, before it calls it a Minor or Major condition (There are two settings of Minor and Major for each item being monitored.).

Your setting options are:

  • CPU % Busy & Queue
  • IPU % Busy & Queue Length
  • Disk Queue length and % full

Default values are displayed for each of the time periods.  You may change them as you see fit for your environment.  Arrow icons on top may be used to copy settings from one time period to the next (one direction only).

Click on the Save button to save the updated settings.