Located in Southern California

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Our Journey

Idelji Is Founded In A Los Angeles Garage

Idelji is founded in a Los Angeles garage. A Tandem CLX provides heat in the winter, and fun coding all year. PathWatch, a Client-Server tool to monitor Pathway applications is born. Idelji becomes a Tandem Alliance Partner.

Four New Products On Over 1,000 NonStop Servers.

Data Browser, DiskPro, Pathway View, and TPDC offer new centralized & intuitive methods to analyze performance of NonStop Servers.

New Products, And Expanded Customer Base; Now Over 5,000 Worldwide

Web ViewPoint becomes the standard on NonStop Servers to monitor and manage operation activities. Performance Management tools take a strong foot hold in solving performance related issues at customer sites. Remote Analyst (www.RemoteAnalyst.com), the first cloud based automated Service offering on NonStop is born, with a handful of customers.

In Partnership With HP, Idelji Expands Its Portfolio To 11,000 Licenses

In partnership with HP, Idelji expands its portfolio to 11,000 Licenses, and a library of products focused on Performance analyses and Operation management on NonStop. Another cloud based solution, NonStop Technical Services is introduced to the Nonstop community. HP performance Specialists from around the world can now load their customers’ performance metrics to the new site, and receive complete analyses in their email inbox only minutes later. No software! All automated. Customer care: priority 1 as always. Integrate online and cloud analyses to offer combined in-the-moment guard, along with central brain agility. Expand central intelligence to drive and advise near future activities.

NTS Becomes Instrumental In Solving Performance Issues.

NTS becomes instrumental in solving performance issues at largest and most sensitive companies on the planet. NTS subscription plans are introduced. NTS platform is expanded to handle the additional load. Inroads are taken into utilizing public and private clouds to offer new services. Remote Analyst and NTS start to share a common foundation. Remote Analyst is now fully Elastic and Cloud based. It operates in a proactive manner and tells its users whether all is OK, or when problems are on the horizon. New deep analyses and QT reports are added to RA. Various enhancements and features are introduced in Remote Analyst to provide better usability, management and experience to the users. More automation is offered in the cloud space, along with new analyses and interactive features. All products are now updated to meet new X86 requirements. Web ViewPoint Plus is introduced, offering ease of Storage management and Event Analyses.

Blockchain, A.I. & More

We completed several blockchain POC & POV projects on Payment & Supply chain solutions, in a variety of protocols. Our A.I. is taking a more prominent role in setting cloud based analytics to look after live computing environments. XView is becoming the portal for Web ViewPoint to receive and display or export of metrics of any type! Exciting times.
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