Our Journey

Idelji Is Founded In A Los Angeles Garage

Idelji is founded in a Los Angeles garage. A Tandem CLX provides heat in the winter, and fun coding all year. PathWatch, a Client-Server tool to monitor Pathway applications is born. Idelji becomes a Tandem Alliance Partner.

Four New Products On Over 1,000 NonStop Servers.

Data Browser, DiskPro, Pathway View, and TPDC offer new centralized & intuitive methods to analyze performance of NonStop Servers.

New Products, And Expanded Customer Base; Now Over 5,000 Worldwide

Web ViewPoint becomes the standard on NonStop Servers to monitor and manage operation activities. Performance Management tools take a strong foot hold in solving performance related issues at customer sites.

Remote Analyst (www.RemoteAnalyst.com), the first cloud based automated Service offering on NonStop is born, with a handful of customers.

In Partnership With HP, Idelji Expands Its Portfolio To 11,000 Licenses

In partnership with HP, Idelji expands its portfolio to 11,000 Licenses, and a library of products focused on Performance analyses and Operation management on NonStop. Another cloud based solution, NonStop Technical Services is introduced to the Nonstop community.

HP performance Specialists from around the world can now load their customers’ performance metrics to the new site, and receive complete analyses in their email inbox only minutes later. No software! All automated. Customer care: priority 1 as always. Integrate online and cloud analyses to offer combined in-the-moment guard, along with central brain agility. Expand central intelligence to drive and advise near future activities.

A comprehensive shift towards focused objectives was the mainstay of the past 5 years.

This was a challenge, as we needed to meet our obligations to all our customers using our products, while guiding them towards streamlined and fewer products with updated technology.  Understandably, our Enterprise customers require advance planning and comprehensive testing and validation before such changes can be implemented.

Our goal is to focus on online and automated operations, and off platform smart analytics.
Go forward products are Web ViewPoint Enterprise, and Remote Analyst.
Both products hit the market, and can act one as a complete solution, due to their integration option.  Adoption was slow, but increasing in pace and acceptance.
We expect to further focus our efforts on these solutions and assist our customers with their integration.

Focus is set to 3 areas of:

1. Automated Operation

  • Advances in our premier product: Web ViewPoint Enterprise, greatly improved business availability and user productivity, while lowering costs.
  • Export options to Splunk, Tableau, Syslog, and others allowed for Enterprise integration. NonStop is no longer an island.

2. Smart Analytics

  • Remote Analyst was made available for deployment in private clouds.
  • Integration with Web ViewPoint Enterprise, allowed for rapid detection and investigation of anomalies.
  • Soft AI features were expanded to predict future resource requirements and offer recommendations.
  • Rapid expansion of our market has allowed new businesses to form and offer their remote Services.

3. Blockchain Services

  • Several POC and production ready applications were implemented using Ethereum, Corda, and Hyperledger.
  • Work was delivered on NonStop, as well as Linux and Windows, in mixed private and public, Enterprise and open solutions.
  • Infrastructure was put in place, for staking and validation services for Ethereum, Solana, and Cordana.

Arguably our best year ever!

Automated Operation

We created a new marketplace for HPE NonStop Servers.

  • Using our NonStop Studio, Innovators cannot create and market their own Apps.
  • Customers can use our My NonStop solution to search the market for products which suit their needs, and go through a single-click installation.  This automation lends itself to error proof management, and simplified product upgrades.
  • Web ViewPoint Enterprise is now a dynamic master App, which detects newly installed Apps & upgrades, and integrates their data into its functions and features.  Users can immediately see the newly state and statistic data on their screen, incorporate it into its Alert & recovery mechanisms and export it to a variety of Enterprise monitoring and management solutions.
  • A dynamic light IOS solution enables NonStop administers to keep tab on their Servers while away.

This is the beginning of a rapid market expansion for all involved in NonStop.

Smart Analytics

  • Updated UI significantly improved usability and productivity.
  • CICD methods are to simplify product maintenance in rapid expansion of Local Analyst market
  • Updated AWS infrastructure improve response time and initiation flexibility
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