Remote Analyst is all about NonStop analytics in the Cloud (public or private), and off platform.  Its objective is to:

  • Detect issues before they become a problem and affect your business
  • Assist you with quick investigative work should you need to resolve a concern
  • Help you plan for growth, and to ensure you have enough computing resources
  • Improve your productivity

Remote Analyst uses a simple architecture: .

Performance and availability metrics are continuously collected on NonStop Servers and securely forwarded at regular intervals to an automated cloud platform.  This may be a secure public cloud, or one internal to your company.

Once at Remote Analyst, data is populated into various database Tables and types.  As applicable, analytics start immediately for RA to look for trends and exceptions.

This all happens with no human intervention and at speeds required to meet your computing and business demands.

You may also securely connect to Remote Analyst from any device, and with ease, drill down through mountains of data, or schedule analyses to be emailed automatically to you and your colleagues.

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