Web ViewPoint Enterprise runs on HPE NonStop Servers, and can securely be accessed from popular internet browsers, such as Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Aside from a robust 0perational interface, its monitoring and automated response features include system metrics as well as business applications.

Using a fully data driven architecture, you can monitor statistics and states from different sources, on one or more Servers. You may set conditions to be monitored, and what actions to take if they happen. Web ViewPoint Enterprise can notify you, take automated action to recover, and escalate the situation to other members as needed. It can also forward information to Enterprise monitoring systems, such as ServiceNow and Syslog. In addition, Remote Analyst users have access to a cloud icon on their screen to securely logon to the Local/Remote Analyst site and see the full history and related analytics of the item they monitor on their screen.

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Our solutions are available both in the cloud (Remote Analyst), as well as local to your company site (Local Analyst). Metrics are automatically and continuously routed to the Analyst site. There they immediately undergo a slew of analytics, where current activities are compared against past performance. A.I. components look for exceptions, as well as generic growth patterns.

Whether on schedule or on demand, noted exceptions, future expectations, and recommended actions are shared with authorized recipients. Analytics and all source data are kept for five years. To manually review activities or investigate an incident, you may securely logon to the Local/Remote Analyst site to quickly navigate through all related metrics.

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Finance, commerce, supply chain industries are rapidly adopting Blockchain. The benefits are obvious and have been heavily touted over the recent years. For most Enterprise companies, adopting blockchain is no longer a choice;  The question is how soon, and how. When you join any Enterprise level, permissioned blockchain, you must follow very rigid requirements, such as transparency, authorized sharing of data, availability, and protocol translations.

  • 2018. International fund transfer & ledger management POC, using Corda, on both a Cloud and on-premises hybrid architecture.
  • 2019. Supply chain POCs using Hyperledger at IBM’s Blockchain labs
  • 2020. Manufacturing supply chain and invoice management POC, on a multi-member (order management, manufacturing, and finance) architecture. This project was implemented using Ethereum Quorum protocol. Artificial Intelligence components were utilized to forecast product availability, shipment, as well as identification of bottlenecks and how to get around them.
  • 2021.
    • Idelji participates in ETH2 Staking with two nodes. More are in the works. Ethereum 2 is expected to go live in early 2022. We will participate with validation of incoming transactions.
    • Blockchain gateway platform is defined and partially constructed, to enable financial institutions and enterprise retailers to seamlessly onboard to digital/Crypto commerce, while keeping their current infrastructure in place. This significantly lowers costs and associated operational costs, while reducing time to market.

We have the knowhow to implement your blockchain solutions.

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