Web ViewPoint Enterprise SPR H01AAQ-L01AAR is an H & L-series maintenance release that offers advanced features and enhancement including bug fixes & improvements. Some of the release highlights and bug fixes include:

1. Enhanced Dashboard & Visualizations. Includes display of  Top 10 Disk & Process Information

2. Automated Installation & Configuration controls using My NonStop

3. Data Driven & Open Architecture to allow for monitoring of application metrics (Includes monitoring of Shadowbase metrics when plugin is installed)

4. Support for Multi-Factor Authentication (RSA SecurID)

5. Added support for OSS Pathnames for processes

6. Support to display the job output from Spoolcom

7. Ability to import/export data between servers in the neighborhood (Pre-requisite: Neighborhood)

8. Added support for a new metric, Status for Expand object in Alerts

9. Support to add Group instead of adding individual aliases

10. Ability to export BAM contents to Excel spreadsheet

11. Users and their access control details can be now exported to Excel spreadsheet

12. Added support to edit files in OSS

13. Ability to add Pathway Groups (wildcards) and configure to receive alerts on them

14. Support to suppress duplicate EMS messages in Events

15. Enhanced help content

16. Added support to send out SMS alerts via SMS server or API

17. Fixed a bug where, logging on with XUA and LDAP was failing if password contained a semicolon

18. Fixed a bug where, clicking on VHS – learn took roughly 2 minutes to retrieve the list of environments

19. Reverted WVP E SSID to 257 from 1500

20. Fixed a bug where SSIDPOP program was not copying all the OWNERS-SSIDs from the template files

21. Some security enhancements