Web ViewPoint Enterprise SPR H01AAU-L01AAV is a J & L-series maintenance release that offers advanced features and enhancement including bug fixes & improvements. Some of the release highlights and bug fixes include:

1. Enhanced Dashboard & Visualizations. Configure multiple metrics with their own axes on the Line Chart or Bar Diagram Frame on your Dashboard by simply adding a Y2 Metric in order to set up a Multi Axis Dash Frame on your Dashboard

2. Support for Pie Chart Data Frames.

3. Support for Column Chart Data Frames.

4. Aggregation. Dashboard Frames now aggregate your metrics, when appropriate.

5. Support for Automatic Categorization for easy identification of different categories of the metrics being monitored in the same frame.

6. Dashboard Profiles. Save multiple dashboard profiles, configure them as private or public, based on your preferences.

7. Alerts with Recurring Deactivation Schedule.

8. Ability to Exclude Disks while setting up Disk Alerts.

9. Setting Alerts that can automatically change Process Priority on Alarm generation.

10. Setting Alerts for NetBatch Elapsed Time.

11. Complex Grammar Support for String Based Alerts.

12. Enable Browser Notifications for Event Popups.

13. Sample code to monitor Spooler statistics is released to customers to demonstrate how to mine their own applications’ data and display on Web ViewPoint Enterprise.