A new software version is for the H,J &L series only. This release offers advanced features and many significant enhancements including bug fixes & improvements.To place an order, please contact your HP representative and request for the product QSJ70V5/1QSJ70V5/HSJ70V5 for H01ABM and BE295AC for L01ABN.Release Highlights are as follows:Ability to select multiple events and browse through them for event detail.Feature to secure WVP DB* files by giving them only read access.Ability to change ‘Font’, ‘Font size’ and ‘Truncate display’ within the ‘Events Settings’ screen of ‘Web Dash’ screen.Added ‘Truncate Display’ function for Logged_Timestamp field in addition to ‘Generation Timestamp’ for Events.Resolved and improved overall performance with in-built Secure HTTP.