A new software version is for the H, J & L series only. This release offers advanced features and many significant enhancements including bug fixes & improvements.To place an order, please contact your HPE representative and request for the product QSJ70V5/1QSJ70V5/HSJ70V5 for H01ABO(H&J series) and BE295AC for L01ABP(L series).>Release highlights include:

  • Offers a complete redesign of the user interface for better user experience and easier navigation
  • No java dependency
  • Multi browser support (certified with IE 11, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge)
  • Offers current / live performance statistics of the Server in a summary format and in a more detail format
  • Offers connection to a Cloud subsystem (if user chooses to activate Remote Analyst) which can maintain a lifelong history of system performance data
  • Introduced new alerting capability which will notify you of problems when a certain predefined threshold is met. These alerts are color coded and are displayed on your screen highlighting the areas which are affected. Color coding helps in identifying the severity of the alert conditions
  • Other minor enhancements and bug fixes