Web ViewPoint SPR H01ABW -L01ABX is a H, J & L-series TCF release that fixes Events scrolling, EMSMON looping & Browser memory issues along with significant enhancements. To place an order, please contact your HPE representative and request for the product QSJ70V5/1QSJ70V5/HSJ70V5 for H01ABW (H&J series) and BE295AC for L01ABX (L series).

Some of the release highlights include:

  • Added search option for collector list in Events screen
  • Made Events querying more user friendly by adding ‘start from last 30min, 1hr, 2hrs & 3hrs’ options
  • Got rid of the mandatory email address requirement in Admin-Users section
  • Ability to add users in Group.* format instead of adding each user
  • Made the WVP URL more user friendly by removing index.html
  • Ability to edit, create files & folders in OSS
  • Ability to edit the Guardian files
  • Added a capability to view 1-hour worth of performance data in Performance – Summary screen
  • Other bug fixes