Web ViewPoint SPR H01ABY -L01ABZ is a H, J & L-series TCF release. This release offers advanced features and many significant enhancements including bug fixes & improvements. To place an order, please contact your HPE representative and request for the product QSJ70V5/1QSJ70V5/HSJ70V5 for H01ABY (H&J series) and BE295AC for L01ABZ (L series). Some of the release highlights include:

  • New user authorization features are introduced into WVP. Objective is to allow for a larger user community, while managing functions each user has access to. This also allows for each user to create her/is own environment and settings customized to suit.
  • Enhanced Threshold screen to make it more user friendly.
  • Ability to ACK large number of events at once.
  • Ability to add email/text for users who do not have nonstop id’s; a new leaf ‘Response Team’ is added under Admin section to serve this purpose.
  • Other minor bug fixes and enhancements.