Web ViewPoint Enterprise SPRs T0986L01 (L-series) and T0952H01 (J- & H-series) are the new releases that offer an automated operation management solution for NonStop systems. Product numbers are: QSJ78V1 for Itanium Servers, BE296AC for NonStop X systems & BE296ACE for Virtualized NonStop systems. At its core, Web ViewPoint Enterprise is designed to support all the features that Web ViewPoint Plus offers. In addition, WVP E allows users to tailor the automation features to suit their business requirements.  From an array of over 48 resource components, it can notify users of exceptions the moment they happen, and take immediate action to help resolve them.t Pre-requisites for installing this version of Web ViewPoint Enterprise:

  • Measure subsystem – Required to be running on your NonStop server.
  • Web Browser – Any one of the following browsers are supported; Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 and Microsoft Edge.

Some of the release highlights include:

  • Device and browser independent architecture.
  • Enhanced alerting capability. Coverage is now expanded to: CPU, IPU, Disk, File, Process, Program, TMF, RDF, Expand, and CLIM.
  • Allows users to choose from 48 different resources.
  • You can set what you think is a minor or major issue for you, and how each should be dealt. Also built in, is the ability to escalate the matter to management (or anyone you choose) if certain issues are not resolved in a preset period.
  • Alerts can be tailored to implement different automation and reaction policies for different times and weekdays.
  • Maintains logs corresponding to activity for each alert profile.

Contact your HPE Sales person or Analyst for more information on Web ViewPoint Enterprise. Recorded presentations are available for your viewing, and specific question and answer sessions may also be arranged. Current Web ViewPoint/Web ViewPoint Plus customers may upgrade to Web ViewPoint Enterprise at a nominal cost.