Web ViewPoint Enterprise SPR H01^AAA & L01^AAB is a maintenance release which offers an automated operation management solution for HPE NonStop systems running the J-, and L-series NonStop operating systems. Web ViewPoint Enterprise (WVP Ent) is designed to support all the features that Web ViewPoint Plus offers. In addition, WVP Ent allows users to tailor the automation features to suit their business requirements. To place an order, please contact your HPE representative and request for the product H01AAA for H& J series, L01AAB for L-series. Product numbers are, QSJ76V1for Blade Servers and BE296ACfor NonStop X Servers.

Some of the release highlights include:

1)Added VHS viewing capability via Log Browser and Prompt Browser screens

2)Introduced Token Analyzer option within Events settings screen

3)Enhanced the Access Control feature enables the System Administrator to limit the functionality of Web ViewPoint Enterprise features by configuring access per user/ alias/ group