Web ViewPoint Enterprise SPR H0AAE – L01AAF is a H, J & L-series maintenance release that offers advanced features and enhancements including bug fixes & improvements. To place an order, please contact your HPE representative and request for the product H01AAE for H& J series, L01AAF for L-series. Product numbers are, QSJ76V1 for Blade Servers and BE296AC for NonStop X Servers.

Some of the release highlights include:

1. Enhanced performance dashboard by providing customization of layout ,design, and preferences on a per-user basis giving the flexibility users want.
2. New user authorization features are introduced into WVP E. Objective is to allow for a larger user community, while managing functions each user has access to. This also allows for each user to
create her/is own environment and settings customized to suit.
3. Enhanced Threshold screen to make it more user friendly
4. Active CLIM sockets & openers are now displayed on the screen Subsystems/TCP/IP/Process Status.
5. Ability to ACK large number of events at once (upto 200)
6. Added a new section ‘Analyzer’ under Admin to manage EA/SA admin capabilities.
7. Ability to add email/text for users who do not have nonstop id’s; a new leaf ‘Response Team’ is added under Admin section to serve this purpose.
8. Fixed the issue where UMPSKYI was showing multiple opens on Spoolers
9. Addressed issue of being able to expand EMS events screen when using zoom out on browser
10. Fixed the issue where WVP E was failing to stop TMFSERVE processes it started
11. Ability to disable the AUTO-OP feature in Admin-Alerts section PARAM DISABLE-AUTOP YES
12. Ability to send Spooler jobs to email
13. Fixed issue where WVP E was unable to fetch the files open for a process. Error 13
14. Fixed issues with importing PARAMs to latest version
15. Fixed problem where WVP E failed to delete all Pathway related backup files after import over installation
16. Other minor bug fixes and enhancement