Web ViewPoint Enterprise SPR H01^AAI -L01AAJ is a H/J-series and L-series maintenance release that offers advanced features and enhancements including bug fixes & improvements.

Some of the release highlights include:

1) Added support for up to 25 collectors in Events feature
2) Introduced ‘Quick View’ access to aid in easy navigation.
3) Enhanced the suppress/exclude feature in Events by including string in the criteria.
4) Added % CLIM Active Memory to differentiate between active and used.
5) Added ‘TLEs’, ‘LOW PIN’ counters in the Performance-Summary section.
6) Added the ability to send SMS/EMAIL/SYSLOG/SNMP/JSON alerts at the same time.
7) Ability to import owner and subsystem ids from server’s Resident Template files
8) Added support for SNMP v1 & v3 versions.
9) Added support for import Event Profiles from one system to another within neighborhood
10) Added an option to prompt the user to change their password.
11) Added support for ?Regex? in the string field in Events section.
12) Introduced XView feature which enables open architecture.