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Adding and Configuring Widgets on Dashboard

  • First select a Server from the left panel. Based on whether you have installed Connex Monitor for that server or not, you can choose any NonStop Server Objects, such as EHBLink, Message, Switch Time, and Transactions that are displayed on a list box or choose an App Object. Read more about the Objects and Metrics of Connex Monitor here.¬†
  • Select whether you would like a Chart, Bar, Pie or a Table display (if these options are available).
  • Then you select the preferred metric that you would like to monitor on the Global Dash.


  • Category: Metrics of certain Entities can be aggregated by a Category. For example, Transaction – TPS is grouped based on Overall, Acquirer, Issuer etc. If category – Acquirer is selected, then the TPS values will be broken down per Acquirer and displayed in different available formats.
  • Pie: Single metrics or multiple metrics can be selected to be viewed in a Pie chart.
    • If Single metric is selected, then individual Instances of the selected Entity (and Category) is shown on the Pie chart.
    • If Multiple metrics is selected, then the Average value for the selected Entity (and Category) is shown on the Pie chart.
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