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Entities and Objects

The Entities and Metrics monitored are:

1. Transactions

  • TPS
  • Details
    • Count
    • Amount
  • Performance
    • Approval Rate
    • Decline Rate
    • Approved
    • Declined
  • Latency
    • Connex Response Time
    • Issuer Response Time
    • Total Response Time

Each of the above metrics, can be aggregated/categorized by any of the following:

Category Description
Acquirer Based on Acquirer Processor Identification Code
Issuer Issuer Institution Identification Code indicating the card issuer
Highest BIN Bank Identification Number
Primary Route Based on Issuer Processor Identification Code
Merchant Type Indicates the type of business product or service performed by the merchant.
Card Acceptor Terminal Id Identifies the terminal used for the transaction at the card acceptor location.
Card Data Input Mode Indicates the method used by the terminal to obtain card information.
Authorized By Specifies the type of association that approved or denied the transaction.
Transaction Type Describes the effect of the transaction on the cardholder’s account.
TSAP Id The Transport Services Access Point ID indicates the logical communications session that acquired the transaction.
Decline Reason Reason why the transaction was declined.

2. Switch Time – time taken at various stages of FINIPC processing

  • Internal Acquire Time
  • Total Acquire Time
  • Internal APO Time
  • Internal Issuer Time
  • Total Issuer Time
  • Internal PMC Time
  • Total PMC Time

3. Message

  • Approval Rate
  • Count

4. EHB Link – metrics categorized based on Issuers (Issuer Processor Identification Code).

  • Issuer Response Time


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