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Installation and Configuration of My NonStop



Installing My NonStop

Prerequisites for Installing My NonStop
HPE NonStop Server with minimum OS release as: H06.10 onward J06.03 onward Recommended Windows configuration 8 GB RAM minimum CPU Speed 2.1GHz or faster
Measure Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Microsoft Edge
Package Info
  1. INSTMYNS – Setup program for MyNonStop.
  2. MYNSPAK – PPAK file of My NonStop containing all the required files & programs for the product installation.
  3. PPAK – PPAK file of Web ViewPoint Enterprise containing all the required files & programs for the product installation.
NOTE: If you have My NonStop installed already, you should be able to upgrade to the latest version by unpacking the the install package and running object UPGMNS. This would upgrade your current version of My NonStop to the latest version. 
Installation Process for My NonStop
The objective of My NonStop is to serve as the central hub which will assist the users to install, manage and monitor the products such as Web ViewPoint Enterprise and other plugins on their NonStop servers. To begin the installation process, transfer the files INSTMYNS and MYNSPAK from WS_SW/WVPE Installation folder to the Guardian Subvolume where you want MyNonStop to be installed and running. The next step is to log on with your user credentials on TACL and run the INSTMYNS setup program. A setup wizard will prompt you to enter the following information. You can make any desired changes such as changing the OSS location, TCP Process Name, LISTENER PORT and more on this step. Note that only the group.user who you set as Manager for My NonStop can access it and install Web ViewPoint Enterprise. For example, if you set SUPER.SUPER as the group.user here, only SUPER.SUPER & it’s aliases can logon to My NonStop. When done with making the changes, the next step is to press C to Commit and continue with the installation of My NonStop. Once the files are extracted, and UI files are transferred to OSS location, upon the completion of installation, you will be asked permission to start the instance. On confirmation, a secure URL is presented to access and logon to My NonStop.  Remember: Installing My NonStop is essential for installing Web ViewPoint Enterprise and other plugins like Shadowbase Monitor using the browser-based wizard. Both My NonStop & Web ViewPoint Enterprise can only be accessed in Secure Mode. To avoid interruptions, temporary certificates are shipped along with the installation package. But these certificates cannot be used in test or production systems. You must get the SSL certificates from a trusted party such as Verisign for proper usage. Note that failing to use valid SSL certificates may result in issues while accessing or using the product. Upon logging in, you will be offered a tutorial of My NonStop and also be prompted to upgrade to the latest Web ViewPoint Enterprise, if you haven’t already.  
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