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Navigating through Features


Navigating Through Features

Logging on to NonStop

This is the first screen displayed when you connect to the port where your Web ViewPoint Enterprise (WVP E) is installed.

Note: Software version number/code, along with the name of the NonStop Server you are connected to are displayed to the right of the WVP E logo. To logon:

  • Enter either your Guardian Group.User ID/name, or Alias on the top field. “Remember me” checkbox will remember your user ID/Alias for future.
  • Enter your password in the second field and click on the right arrow or hit either Enter or Return key.


This refers to how My NonStop features are organized on the browser’s left panel. There are 3 main access features as described below:

  • Shop & Install. Download & Install a given Application and Version.
  • Manage. Manage your installed Apps.
  • Events. See live and historical EMS (Event Management System) Events.
Shop & Install

Data definitions on Applications, their metrics structure and their install files are maintained in NonStop Studio (on Remote Analyst). It gives users the ability to create YAML like metric definitions for one or more Applications. As Applications are updated and new versions are available, new, and different metrics definitions may be defined for each version.

My NonStop users do not require a Remote Analyst license to access the definitions on its Studio. 

There are two simple steps:

  1. Shop: Within the Studio tab, click on the icon on the upper right side of screen. This will list all available Applications and Versions published by ‘Producers’ (term used in Remote Analyst) on NonStop Studio.  Publication Date/Time of each Application.Version is noted. This is the Date/Time the Producer made this definition available to its user community. 
  2. Install: There are 3 Installation options available for the users to choose from.

Studio: This will download an Application.Version from NonStop Studio and prompts for the Installation Process. NonStop: This allows for installing an Application.Version who’s Install PAK file is already present on your NonStop server. Choose the location of the Install PAK file present on your NonStop server using the dropdown lists available, \Server.$Volume.Subvol.Filename. Post selections, click on Install button goes through the Installation Process. My PC: This allows users to upload an Application.Version’s Install PAK file from their PC. After upload, click on the Install button goes through the Installation Process.

Installation Process

The process starts with prompting you to enter the installation locations on both Guardian and OSS space. Upon successful transfer & unpak of the installation package, it prompts for a series of Startup & configuration parameters. After which, WVP E automatically knows definitions for which Application.version is installed on your NonStop Server (noted on the list box on the upper left). Installation Date/time for installed definitions is noted. 


This is where you can see what Application.Versions are Active/running on your NonStop Servers, and perform the following management functions:

  1. Start – When definitions for a new Application.Version are installed, it is first placed in Start mode. If an Application.Version has been stopped, you may Start it. This starts the process of collecting metrics from the associated XVBroker and forwards it to WVP Enterprise. Note that Start option is not available, if a different version of the same application is already in Start mode.
  2. Delete – You may delete a Version it is in Stopped state. This initiates the process of removing all the files, programs & data associated with that Application.Version from your NonStop server.
  3. Edit – You may Edit a Version to customize it to meet your requirements while in Start state. My NonStop does not require the application to be Stopped for any change management.
  4. Link to NonStop Studio – You may click to logon to NonStop Studio (present on Remote Analyst) to gain access to:
    • History of your past installs
    • Download Handbook (your personalized configurations & settings) for each Application.Version


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