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Navigating through Features

My NonStop is accessed from a Browser on your laptop/PC. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox are supported. You do not need to install any App on your laptop/PC. First securely connect to the URL where My NonStop is listening to.

Logging on to NonStop

This is the first screen displayed when you connect to the port where your My NonStop (My NS) is installed. Software version number/code, along with the name of the NonStop Server you are connected to are displayed to the right of the My NonStop logo. To logon:

  • Enter either your Guardian Group.User ID/name, or Alias on the top field. “Remember me” checkbox will remember your user ID/Alias for future.
  • Enter your password in the second field and click on the right arrow or hit either Enter or Return key.
Installing Products

After a successful logon, the first screen (Shop and Install) shows a list of all available and installed products. Below is a sample screenshot:

It shows a list of available and installed products, for the NonStop Server you connected to.

Following is displayed per product:

  • If installed, the NonStop Server on which it is installed
    • Company which produced the Product.
    • Short product description.
    • Product version.
  • Published Date. Date the product was published.
  • Installation Date. If installed, date and time of the installation.

Two icons are displayed on the rightmost of each product:

  • Install. If installed, the button is Grayed out. Otherwise, a click opens the dialogue to configure and install the Product. There are different options on how to install a product (new or upgrade). These are explained in more details below.
  • Upload. If installed, this takes your installation information to Remote Analyst and automatically builds a handbook which it emails you. This handbook may be used by different staff members at your company. Available at no additional cost, this optional feature requires you to register/logon to Remote Analyst.  


For knowing more about Installation Options, visit

Managing Products

Select Manage on the left pane.

My NonStop shows a list of all Products it currently has installed on your NonStop Server.

Following is displayed per Product:

  • If installed, the NonStop Server on which it is installed.
  • Short Product description.
  • Product version.
  • Installation Subvol. Volume and Subvolume where Product was installed.
  • Installation Date. Installation date and time.
  • Status. Whether it is currently running or stopped.

Four icons are displayed on the rightmost of each product:

  • Start/Stop. Only one of the two is available, depending on whether the Product is currently running/active. This is how you start or stop a Product.
  • Studio Login. If you had previously registered with RA Studio (see earlier installation instructions about creating a Handbook), you may logon and see history of earlier installations and/or download the Handbook for each version.
  • Configuration updates. You may change any of the configuration parameters you had entered before. Products (e.g., Web ViewPoint Enterprise) which adhere to RA Studio protocols will be notified of the change in parameter settings. Hence, such Products can accept and incorporate the new changes with no service disruption.
  • Remove. Active if Product is stopped, this gives you the option of removing all Product files from your NonStop Server. This is useful when you want to remove an earlier version. A single click (and confirmation) is all it takes.
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