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Installation Options

You have 3 choices:

1. Studio

Use this feature to download and install directly from NonStop Studio. It downloads a PAK (compressed format on HPE NonStop) file, which contains all files needed to install the Product. My NonStop prompts you to select a location where the PPAK should be downloaded to.

2. NonStop

This is the method to use if your installation file (PPAK) is already on NonStop. You will be prompted to enter the location and name of that file (vol.subvol.file).

3. My PC

Use this method if you have the installation file (PPAK) on your PC. Click on the “Choose file” button to select the PPAK file. My NonStop prompts you to select a location where the PPAK file should be downloaded to.

In all three cases, My NonStop unpacks the file on NonStop and reads the installation instructions. You will then be prompted to answer certain configuration questions associated with the product. This differs for each Product and Product Version. It is up to the Producer of the Product to choose which questions should be asked.

You will be prompted with the following for each question:

  • Why the question is being asked.
  • Its use case.
  • Possible values. For instance, if you are to choose from one or more available options, all will be displayed.

Your answer will be verified for each question before the installation process continues.

If applicable, you will be asked whether you want to upgrade from a prior version. If so, you will be prompted to show where the previous version is installed. If it is a valid version of the product, My NonStop then transfers and/or converts all data from that version to the new version.

My NonStop fully takes over the task of installing the product and starting it. This method simplifies the installation process, and to a large degree, eliminates user errors during the configuration process.

As stated earlier, My NonStop even gives you the option of asking RA Studio to create and email you a Handbook, specifically tailored to your installation.

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