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Manual OSS Installation and Configuration of Web ViewPoint Enterprise

NOTE: In order to do the manual OSS Installation and Configuration of Web ViewPoint Enterprise, you first need to do the manual OSS Installation and Configuration of My NonStop. The steps for the same are here.

Logon to My NonStop with your user credentials and click on install Web ViewPoint Enterprise. Once you’re done with the Pre-Installation Setup of Web ViewPoint Enterprise, if you installed your My NonStop manually, then you’ll be prompted with the following steps.

Logon to a TACL session with your user credentials and run following commands:

cd /usr/tandem/

mkdir <wvpe_foldername>

chown -R IDELQA.MGR:IDELQA <wvpe_foldername>

cp -p /G/ISERV42/WVPE01/nslive /usr/tandem/<wvpe_foldername>/nslive.tar

cd <wvpe_foldername>

tar -xvf nslive.tar

cd  /usr/tandem/<wvpe_foldername>/assets/data/definitions

cp -p /G/ISERV42/WVPE01/pyaml pyaml.yaml

Once all the steps are completed, the user can go back to the Web ViewPoint Enterprise Installation Wizard and click on Continue.

Setting the System Name on the Logon screen

  • To update the \NODENAME to the actual system name (E.g. \CTD7S), you’ll have to edit the host.json file present in the ‘data’ directory within the OSS location of your Web ViewPoint Enterprise instance.
  • Via an FTP file transfer program (e.g. Filezilla), connect to the Nonstop server OSS location of your WVP E instance (e.g. /usr/tandem/wvpe/assets/data) and edit the host.json file.
  • Replace NODENAME with the actual system name in double quotes (E.g. “CTD7S”).
    Note: Do not add ‘\’ before the NODENAME.
  • Save the changes in the host.json file.
  • Stop and restart the WVP E instance (you can do that from My NonStop -> Manage page) and launch the URL in the browser.
  • Once this is done, you will be able to see the actual system name.

Installation Process

Upon successful transfer & extraction of the files, it prompts for a series of Startup & Configuration parameters for you to choose from.

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