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Spooler Monitor


From Web ViewPoint Enterprise H01AAU-L01AAV onwards, statistics from Spooler Monitor can be integrated on to WVP E using My NonStop. The Spooler Monitor Plugin can be easily installed using the Studio page on My NonStop. Additionally, you can install the plugin using the NonStop or My PC method if you have the installation PAK file available. You start by signing into your My NonStop application using the Group.User or alias who you setup as Manager during the installation.

Before starting the installation process, you must have the Guardian and OSS installation locations of Web ViewPoint Enterprise ready. To begin the installation, simply click on Install button to fetch the installation files from RA Studio and to upload to your NonStop server. This process may take several minutes. Next, a Pre-Installation screen is prompted for you to enter the details of Web ViewPoint Enterpriseā€™s Install location. Once done, the installer goes ahead and unpaks the installation files for Spooler Monitor.

You can make your desired changes to Startup Parameters and Configure Params alongside Objects and Metrics now. Make sure to configure the Collector and Broker Process names of the Spooler Monitor plugin running on your NonStop.

There are no ASSIGNs or PARAMs that the Spooler Monitor plugin requires. Hence, you can skip these sections and directly choose to collect the Spooler Objects and their corresponding Metrics. The data will then be collected for the chosen Metrics and will be available on Web ViewPoint Enterprise.

Once you press Install, the wizard proceeds with installing the product. Upon successful completion, it first asks you if you want to logon to RA Studio to receive a personalized Handbook consisting of all the configuration settings and details in it.

Upon successful registration and login to RA Studio, it downloads the Handbook. You can see all the changes that you made to all the configuration settings and parameters here besides the default values assigned initially.

After this, it asks you permission for starting the instance. Once the product is successfully started, you can start using Spooler Monitor on Web ViewPoint Enterprise.

The Spooler Monitor has been installed and setup at this point.

Dashboard Configuration

After installing the Spooler Monitor plugin into the WVP E environment, the Spooler Monitor statistics can be viewed on the WVP E dashboard. Click the ‘+’ to add a new widget:

  • Select a Server (if in multi-node neighbor setup). In the Apps tab, select the Spooler Monitor app and the Object and Metrics to add to the widget.
  • Select whether you would like a Chart, Bar, Pie or a Table display (if these options are available).

Alert Configuration

Spooler Monitor statistics can be alerted on via on the WVP E Admin -> Alert section. The Spooler Monitor leverages the WVP E features of monitoring options, scheduling parameters, threshold conditions and notification methods.

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