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How can I add Display Templates?

  • Go to Admin -> EMS -> Templates.
  • A Template sets the columns you want to see on your Events screen. You will assign a name to each Template you define here. List of available Templates will be listed on Events Setting screen, under the Display ribbon.
  • Here, a summary screen shows the previously defined Templates. You can delete or edit a displayed Template by clicking on the delete or edit button of its row.
  • Click on Add button on the top right of the Window, to add a new Template.


  • Following are the available settings:
    • Name: Give the new Template a unique name.
    • Set Configuration Like: This is displayed if there are one or more Templates previously defined. You may click to select one and display its setting here.
    • Available tokens: Lists EMS standard and previously defined tokens. Click on a Token in the Available list to select it. Click on a Token in the Selected list to move it back to Available.
    • More… Click on the More… button to retrieve from a list of Tokens previously generated from certain Owner-Subsystem-Events. Click displays the following Window, and settings.


      • Collector: Select a Collector from the displayed list.
      • Event: Select Owner (TANDEM is default), Subsystem, and an event number.
      • From: Select a Date and Time.
      • Receive up to: Number of Events to retrieve and examine.
  • Click on Submit. This will review Events from the specified Collector log files to the set period. List of Tokens from those Events will be added to the Available List.
      • Hide Acknowledged Events: Whether an Acknowledged Event should be removed/hidden. Note that unless Public option is checked, a Template is available to the user who creates it. Also note that this does not overwrite the main parameter set on NonStop that controls whether Acknowledged Events should be removed from the screen. If that parameter is set, then all Acknowledged Events will be removed for everyone.
      • Public: Set whether this Template should be available to other users.
  • Click on Preview button to preview how the Template setup will look like.
  • Click on the Save button to save the Template.
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