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How can I execute Pathway level commands on TCP, Term, and Server?

Executing Pathway level commands on TCP, Term, and Server

Clicking on the name of a Pathway (on the left panel) populates the right panel with detailed information of that Pathway under Properties Tab. Three other Tabs: TERM, TCP (Terminal Control Process), and SERVER, give you access to issue Commands.

Term/TCP/Server – Select a command from the left list, to apply to one or more Entities you select on the right. Notes:

  • Groups are defined under Admin – Pathway.
  • Adding an Entity by clicking “Add” button, will not be reflected in manual startup files on NonStop. However, Web ViewPoint Enterprise notes it in its own startup configuration files.


  • “Only If” gives you the option to Issue commands on Object Entities matching a current state (e.g., Running). A “Not “checkbox, enables you to issue the commands to Object Entities not currently in the selected state.
  • TERM
    • Restart command is same as “Abort & Start” command sequence
    • Restart Is same as “Freeze, Stop, Thaw, and Start” command sequence
    • Alter Server will Issue “Freeze, Alert, Thaw, Start” command sequence, as necessary.


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