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What’s New? – Overview

Enhanced Dashboard Visualizations

Multiple Axes

You can now configure multiple metrics with their own axes on the Line Chart or Bar Diagram Frame on your Dashboard. Simply add a Y2 Metric in order to set up a Multi Axis Dash Frame on your Dashboard.

Pie Chart

Web ViewPoint Enterprise Dashboard now supports Pie Chart Frames with its AAS-AAT version. All you need to do is simply Add a New Frame and select Pie and set all the metrics you want to monitor via a Pie Chart. 

Column Charts

Web ViewPoint Enterprise AAS-AAT Dashboard now supports Column Chart Frames. All you need to do is simply Add a New Frame and select Bar and set one or both the metrics you want to monitor via a Column Chart. 


The Dashboard Frames can now aggregate your metrics, when appropriate. For example, if you set up a Pie Chart for Network – Total Received and Network – Total Sent, the Dash Frame would aggregate both the metrics for you in the Pie Chart representation. 


The Dash Frames now support automatic categorization thus making it easy to identify different categories of the metric(s) being monitored in the frame through the different colors they are being represented by. 

Introducing Dashboard Profiles

Now, you can configure and setup Dashboard Profiles by applying dashboard layouts that you or other users in your team have created. Users can configure both Public or Private Dashboard Profiles, based on their preferences. They also have the option to save multiple profiles that they have created and set one of them as their default profile that will load up every time they log on to Web ViewPoint Enterprise AAS-AAT. In addition, they would also have the option to modify/delete their Dashboard Profiles. 

Setting up Alerts with Recurring Schedule

Now you can set up your alerts with a Recurring Deactivation Schedule. All you have to do is select the alert(s) from your Alert List and press the Deactivate Alert button on the top and then choose “Recurrence” and add a new schedule that the deactivation would conform to. 

Ability to exclude Disk(s) while setting up Disk Alerts

Now, you have the ability to exclude disk(s) for your Disk Alerts.  

Set up Alerts that can change TACL Process Priority on alarm generation

Users can now set up Alerts that have Automated Operation to change the Priority of a TACL Process. So when an alarm is generated, your TACL process can get its priority changed automatically. 

Adding Alerts for NetBatch Elapsed Time

You can now set up NETBATCH alerts based on currently executing jobs taking more than x times (e.g., double) the average time for the job to complete. Within the Netbatch STATUS DETAIL command, there is a statistic called the “Average Elapsed Time” that a job takes to execute. Now, it is possible to trigger an alert if an executing job (i.e. current status is EXECUTING) has taken longer than x times the average time to complete. For example, if a job has an average execution time of 25 minutes, but the job has been running for longer than twice this average time (more than 50 minutes), then an alarm will be generated and delivered based on the alert as something may be amiss and should be checked.

Complex Grammar Support for String based Alerts 

String input field under the Filter accordion for EMS Alerts now supports complex grammar. Now, queries such as TEXT CONTAINS, SSIDOWN CONTAINS, TEXT NOT CONTAINS, SSIDOWN NOT CONTAINS, etc. are now supported alongside AND and OR logical operators. 

Events Popup Notifications

Web ViewPoint Enterprise now supports Browser Notifications. With this, it would be way easier to keep track of your WVPE notifications while you’re doing something else on your web browser. 

Spooler Statistics (Monitor)

You can now monitor Spooler statistics such as Collector State, Data Files and Supervisor Information including Job Counts. This functionality is introduced into Web ViewPoint Enterprise by installing and configuring the Spooler Monitor plugin which is available at https://studio.remoteanalyst.com and can be installed using MyNonStop.

Read more about Spooler Monitor here


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