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How can I change the default columns in Events Display Screen?

Editing or Creating a Template
  • A Template sets the columns you want to see on your Events screen. You will assign a name to each Template you define here.
  • Go to Admin -> EMS -> Templates.
  • Here, a summary screen shows the previously defined Templates. You can delete or edit a displayed Template by clicking on the delete or edit button of its row. List of available Templates will be listed on Events Settings screen, under the Display ribbon.

  • Click on Add button on the top right of the Window, to add a new Template. 
    • Available tokens: Lists EMS standard and previously defined tokens. Click on a Token in the Available list to select it. Click on a Token in the Selected list to move it back to Available.Following are the available settings: 
    • Name: Give the new Template a unique name. 
    • Set Configuration Like: This is displayed if there are one or more Templates previously defined. You may click to select one and display its setting here. 
    • More… Click on the More… button to retrieve from a list of Tokens previously generated from certain Owner-Subsystem-Events.

    • Collector: Select a Collector from the displayed list 
    • Event: Select Owner (TANDEM is default), Subsystem, and an event number. 
    • From: Select a Date and Time 
    • Receive up to: Number of Events to retrieve and examine. 
    • Click on Submit. This will review Events from the specified Collector log files to the set period. List of Tokens from those Events will be added to the Available List. 
  • Click on Preview button to preview how the Template setup will look like. Click on the Save button to save the Template. 

Set the Template on Events Display Screen
  • Now, head over to Events.
  • Under the Display Tab, choose the Template of your liking and set the criteria.

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