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Multiple Dashboard Configurations

You can now configure and setup Dashboard Profiles by applying dashboard layouts that you or other users in your team have created. Users can configure both Public or Private Dashboard Profiles, based on their preferences. They also have the option to save multiple profiles that they have created and set one of them as their default profile that will load up every time they log on to Web ViewPoint Enterprise AAS-AAT. In addition, they would also have the option to modify/delete their Dashboard Profiles. 

By default, all the dashboard settings are private and user-based i.e. not visible to anyone else but the individual user. However, from the AAS-AAT version, it is possible to make your dashboard profiles publicly accessible. Simply click on the Profiles button on the Top toolbar on Global Dash screen and choose the Profile you want to save or configure. Then choose the “Make Public” option if you want to make that dashboard profile accessible for other users.¬†

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