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What delivery options do I have?

There are four delivery options for Alert Delivery on Web ViewPoint Enterprise. Click on the bullet points below to read more information about setting up and configuring them on WVPE:

You must be running a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) management application in your system environment. Management Information Base (MIB) files are provided via WVPMIB file which will be part of your installation files (within WVP E subvolume). You must set up the SNMP trap receiver with the MIB files to receive SNMP traps from WVP Enterprise.

To send alerts from WVP via System Logging Protocol (SYSLOG), the WVP SYSLOG component needs to be installed in the Operations Support System (OSS) space. This component receives messages from notification component of WVP and sends out corresponding traps to the SYSLOG receiver.

To direct alarms generated by specified conditions to an Enterprise Manager tool (e.g. Moog) via JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data,  information on where to send the JSON must be specified via PARAM (PARAM JSON-ENTERPRISE NN.NN.NN.NN) in the STRTWVPE file within Web ViewPoint Enterprise subvolume.

To send alerts via email or text, Web ViewPoint Enterprise must connect to a mail server, also known as a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server. An SMTP server is a service that you can send outbound email messages to. It then relays the messages to whoever they’re addressed to. (It doesn’t handle incoming email). To set up alerts, you must configure Web ViewPoint Enterprise to communicate with your SMTP mail server.




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