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Base24 Monitor

NOTE: This article covers the overview of Base24 Monitor. To read in more depth, please visit the Knowledge Base for Base24 Monitor here.

Web ViewPoint Enterprise Base24 Monitor shows selected statistics and metrics generated by Base24 application on the Web ViewPoint Enterprise screen. It captures the Transaction info online from the Transaction Log files and Infrastructure information from the application.

It leverages Web ViewPoint Enterpriseā€˜s single pane dashboard and alerting platform to alert the Base24 transactions and infrastructure metrics that breach user-defined thresholds.

Utilizing a new open architecture, the solution:

  • Is extensible and dynamic:
    • Users can create their own profile of Payment metrics and how they want to view them.
    • Profiles can be shared across the organization.
    • Future new metrics can easily be adopted.
    • Each user can dynamically modify, select, and choose their own dashboard.
  • Fully integrates with Web ViewPoint Enterprise, where:
    • Payment Apps from one or more Servers can be displayed on one screen.
    • Alert conditions can be defined on any of the available metrics.
    • When issues are encountered:
      • Staff can be notified via text and email.
      • Details can be exported out to central solutions (e.g., ServiceNow).
      • Automated actions can be taken to recover.
      • All actions and details are logged for future reviews.

A central window allows for installation of the Base24 Monitor Plug-in with a single click. Same process is used to manage the plug-in and upgrade it when new versions become available.

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