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Getting Started – Overview

Introduction to Web ViewPoint Enterprise (WVP E)

Web ViewPoint Enterprise (WVP E) is an automated operation and management software Product for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) NonStop Servers. It is browser-based and supports most popular commercial browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. You may:

  • Monitor your NonStop systems’ and applications’ performance and availability, and be alerted when thresholds are exceeded
  • Monitor and review EMS (Event Message Subsystem) messages
  • Automatically open tickets on ServiceNow and share EMS alerts data with Enterprise Tools such as Splunk, Moog, Tableau, Local/Remote Analyst, etc.
  • Access operational subsystems such as Storage, Spooler, Pathway
  • Set alert conditions, be notified, and take automated action
  • Review live data from your NonStop systems and applications for the past hour, at 5-second intervals
  • Connect to Local/Remote Analyst directly through Web ViewPoint Enterprise to review historical data and perform deep analytics

WVP E users can actively monitor their NonStop Servers and Applications and have access to a variety of operational features and analytics. They can also set operational conditions and thresholds they want WVP E to actively monitor.

WVP E can also be set to alert others when certain events occur, forward alerts to Enterprise tools such as Splunk, Tableau, Kibana, etc., automatically open tickets on ServiceNow, attempt automated recovery from failures, and escalate to upper management when necessary.

WVP E can share its information with a variety of open Enterprise platforms (e.g., ServiceNow, Moog, Splunk) using standard protocols (e.g., SNMP, JSON, SysLog).

In an expanded role, WVP E can receive and display metrics from user Applications such as Shadowbase Monitor, Connex Monitor, Base24, and more on NonStop. You can download these applications directly through My NonStop now. You can also use Studio, a free application by Idelji to define your own product definitions, and other information such as statistics, objects, and metrics and prepare to publish them for your teams/organizations or publicly on My NonStop. In order to understand how you can produce and publish your own apps and integrate them with Web ViewPoint Enterprise, please read this

Note that it is essential to install My NonStop in order to be able to install Web ViewPoint Enterprise. In order to learn more about My NonStop and how to install it, please visit My NonStop – Overview and Installation.

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