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How can I Add a Group?

  • Head over to Admin – Pathways -> Groups. You may define one or more Groups of Entities for any Pathway Object and assign them an identifiable name. Entities may be part of one or more Groups. When issuing a command for an Object, you are given the option to apply the command to a group of Entities, simply by selecting the Group’s name you had previously defined.
  • Group definitions are held centrally on NonStop. As such, when you add a new Group or make changes to a current definition, it immediately becomes available to all other Web ViewPoint E users.
  • To manage group definitions for a Pathway, click on Groups button for that respective Pathway. Then select its desired Object folder (TERM, TCP, SERVER).

Adding a Group

  • When no Groups are available or selected, only Add operation is displayed. Select the Add option and enter a group name (free format – 1 to 20 characters) in the entry box right below the Add option.


  • A list of all Entities for that Object and Pathway is displayed in a dropdown list. Select any one or more Entities, as you click on each Entity they get selected automatically. If you want to remove any Entity from the list, simply click on the selected Entity (it gets unchecked and removed). Click on the Submit button to add the new Group.


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